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Xu Hướng 9/2023 # Nuggets Of Hanoi – A Precious Gift Of North Vietnamese Autumn # Top 9 Xem Nhiều

Bạn đang xem bài viết Nuggets Of Hanoi – A Precious Gift Of North Vietnamese Autumn được cập nhật mới nhất tháng 9 năm 2023 trên website Hgpc.edu.vn. Hy vọng những thông tin mà chúng tôi đã chia sẻ là hữu ích với bạn. Nếu nội dung hay, ý nghĩa bạn hãy chia sẻ với bạn bè của mình và luôn theo dõi, ủng hộ chúng tôi để cập nhật những thông tin mới nhất.

In the autumn of Hanoi, the sunshine is golden, the scent of milk flowers is fragrant, the crocodile falls on the street … somewhere is the scent of young com, a gentle scent but still enough for many generations of the capital’s children. Remember when you are away from Hanoi.

Green cereal is a precious gift that everyone in Hanoi will remember when going away

For a long time, com has appeared in many poetic, literary and musical works “The season of green nuggets is fragrant with small hands. The scent of milk on the sidewalk passes through” – Remember the autumn of Hanoi (Trinh Cong Son) or “Each When they see the autumn clouds across the sky, people meet at the market, they often say only one sentence: Now in Hanoi is the season of rice! Then look at each other without saying anything, but everyone sees everyone’s heart filled. sad … “- according to Vu Bang in” Delicious Piece of Hanoi “.

To give birth to a batch of fragrant young nuggets requires a lot of meticulousness and sophistication from people. When the rice comes to the top season, the whole milk is still harvested to make com. They do not crush or break the seeds but gently pluck them, then put them in the roasting pot. After roasting, bring and pound it while it is still hot. After seven or eight times like that, we can remove all the rice husks, which is still not done, we have to go through a few busy days and put in lotus leaves, then the batch of raw rice can be completed.

To get a complete batch of raw rice is a very sophisticated and meticulous process

There is no such thing as nuggets of the Hanoi people. There is a sophisticated way of making that even when eating, it is necessary to be meticulous. Borrowing a few words from writer Thach Lam “Com is not a gift from a hurry; Eat nuggets to eat little by little, leisurely and think. At that time we could see again in that flavor, the complex aroma of new rice, of the weed flowers on the shore: in the green of the com, the freshness of the young leaves, and in the sweetness of the nuggets. gentle and serene species of herbs. Add to the slightly fragrant smell of old lotus leaves, marinate them one by one, and keep the warmth of summer days on the lake … “

Not only is a dish to play, but people also use nuggets as ingredients to process many other dishes such as sticky rice, com, rice cakes or fried nuggets … to treat friends near and far when having the opportunity to return to Hanoi. .

In addition to grain rice, visitors also often like to buy Hanoi rice cakes as gifts

The most popular and famous dish in every alley on this capital land is the best to mention Vong village. Vom village (now in Dich Vong ward, Cau Giay) is the most famous place making com in Hanoi. With more than 1000 years of keeping the profession, up to now, the old nuggets are still being handed down and kept intact.

You go to buy nuggets, unless you crave too much, don’t buy them when it’s not yet in autumn. Right to the middle of September, the season and the price of com is a little cheaper, a pound of rice in Hanoi only costs about 200 – 230,000 VND.

Vong village (Dich Vong ward, Cau Giay) is the most famous place to make Hanoi com People often go to eat fish ball, go to eat vermicelli, go to Trang Tien ice cream … Nuggets eaten with banana or red ripe red fruit … are also very delicious, if not, eat separately, sip a cup of green tea and slowly feel. Then, you get used to the unique passionate taste of autumn in the land of Kinh Ky.Dipping bananas with pickled eggs with rice is the way to eat many people in Hanoi. Photo: @ 9400.vintage However, one thing is for sure that the passionate aroma of com is always the most familiar taste of Kinh Ky land. It seems that there is a certain charm holding the footsteps of passers-by, so nuggets are still the first choice for souvenirs to relatives far away.A load of rice on the street

Whether you are an expatriate child who had a happy childhood in Hanoi or simply a distant visitor gathered his feet for the first time, eating a handful of Hanoi nuggets and thought to have held the immense autumn sky in his hand. this civilized land. /.

Photo: Internet

Đăng bởi: Hải Vương

Từ khoá: Nuggets of Hanoi – a precious gift of North Vietnamese autumn

Feeding Animals Once A Week, The Western Guy Earns Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars/Per Year

For many years now, Mr. Nguyen Van Nhut Khanh (31 years old, living in Tan Hoi commune, Cai Lay town, Tien Giang) has been known as a supplier of famous snake breeds in the region. Mr. Khanh’s herd of snakes is considered to be the largest in the locality, supplying over 5,000 seed snakes each year to the market.

“In 2010, after a period of working as an employee in Binh Duong, seeing life-changing day by day without any accumulation, I decided to return to my hometown to start a business. At that time, he took a risk of borrowing 70 million VND to build 2 snake cages.($1=25,000 VND)

Mr. Khanh raises snakes for business, earning more than half a billion dong/year.

He chooses snakes, elephants, and fish to raise as an economy.

70 million dongs at that time was very large, I myself had no experience in taking care of snakes, if it failed, it would become a debt. Fortunately, everything went smoothly,” Khanh recalled.

Mr. Khanh’s snake cages are water tanks, ranging from 40cm to 1.2m high depending on the snake’s size. Each farming plot is about 7m2 wide, about 10cm submerged in water. In the tank, there are mounds of soil, water hyacinth for snakes to hide.

Mr. Khanh said he chooses snakes and snakes to raise because these are two native species, well-adapted, easy to care for, and expensive. Parent snakes over 1 year old begin to reproduce, giving birth to one litter per year. The first generation of snakes gives birth to about 6 babies, from the second litter, about 10 babies are born.

The tank is from 40cm to 1.2m high depending on the snake’s size.

In the early years, without any income from snakes, Mr. Khanh drove motorbike taxis and carried goods to earn money. Only when the parent snakes had a relatively large number, did Mr. Khanh start selling seeds to the market?

“Elephant snakes eat fish and frogs. I bought the weak-healthy fingerlings and frogs that were picked out to feed the snakes, almost inexpensively. Snakes also grow up on their own, without much care, semi-naturally raised baby snakes almost all live well,” Khanh shared.

New-born baby snakes are as small as the tip of a chopstick, and Mr. Khanh separates them into litters to have a suitable feeding regimen. Baby snake food is very small fry.

The 3-month-old baby snake is about the size of a little finger, healthy, and already adept at hunting. Depending on the time, the price of newborn snakes fluctuates around 80,000 VND each, the bigger the snake, the higher the price.

Currently, Mr. Khanh has expanded the farm by 10 times more than the original.

His farm currently has over 1,500 parent snakes.

Every year, he sells about 5,000 seed snakes to the market, earning about 700 million VND.

Due to the high efficiency of the model, from a few initial farming plots, Mr. Khanh has now built a barn with a scale of more than 10 times.

Mr. Khanh said that there are over 1,500 parent snakes on each farm, each weighing about 2kg, with a total value of over 1.5 billion VND.

Every year Mr. Khanh sells about 5,000 seed snakes to the market, earning about 700 million VND, minus all expenses, he still makes a profit of more than half a billion VND.

“Raising snakes is very easy, feeding once a week, changing the water once a month is okay, almost no care. This year until now, it has made a profit of about 500 million, the market is sold throughout the western provinces, “said the owner of the snake farm.

Photo: Internet (vinlove.net)

Đăng bởi: Bùi Hữu Hoàn Thiện

Từ khoá: Feeding animals once a week, the western guy earns tens of thousands of dollars/per year

Growing Strange Grass, Harvesting From Leaves To Roots, Earning Tens Of Millions Of Dong A Month

About Khanh Hong commune, Yen Khanh district (Ninh Binh) asked 9X farmer Do Van Thao (SN 1991) everyone knew. People often call him by the affectionate name Thao grass “strange”. For the past 5 years, he has been attached to the grass-growing profession, not only enriching himself but also helping local people have jobs and income.

In 2023, knowing about Vetiver grass, Mr. Thao bought seeds and brought them back to his hometown to plant in the hope of getting rich from this strange grass (Photo: TB).

Mr. Thao said that in 2023, he attended a conference on fighting climate change and reducing disaster risks. Here, he learned that Vetiver grass plays an important role in the environment, helping to prevent soil erosion, prevent landslides, reduce natural disasters, and protect infrastructure.

And yet, this very strange grass has appeared in Vietnam since 1999, but this little-known is not only valuable for the environment but also has many other effects because the essential oil is very rare.

Thinking of the fact that his hometown grass grows better all year round than other crops, his parent’s and relatives’ farmers can’t eat enough for a day or two with all kinds of crops, so Mr. Thao researched and decided to buy the same kind. This strange grass was brought back to his hometown to plant, in the hope of changing his life.

After 5 years, Mr. Thao’s grass area has increased to 2.5 hectares (Photo: TB).

“When I brought grass to plant, everyone laughed non-stop. Everyone said there was no grass in the countryside, but now they bring this strange plant back. Will it make a good rice porridge and then this strange grass invades the field again? At that time, the whole commune suffered,” Thao recalled.

At that time, Vetiver was a strange name to the people of Khanh Hong commune, Yen Khanh district, and Ninh Binh province. No one in the locality has grown this type of grass. Therefore, no one believes that this strange plant will bring high economic value. As for Mr. Thao, he quietly followed his passion.

“At first, I was also vague about this plant, so I only dared to plant 3 Sao(3000 m2) on my family’s land for testing. At that time, I had no experience, the grass died a lot, and I died until I grew up there. Sometimes I was shy. well, but because the words came out, I was determined to do it” – Mr. Thao confided.

Vetiver grass is planted for about 7 months to sell seeds, and about 1 year to harvest roots (Photo: TB).

Always with his parents, wife and children by his side to encourage him, after a while, Mr. Thao also tamed and successfully planted a strange grass on his own land. Until now, Mr. Thao has succeeded beyond expectations thanks to this strange grass.

“Vetiver grass from planting to harvesting roots is about a year. If you split the semi-seedling, it only takes 7 months. Growing this grass is like growing rice, but the yield and income is 2-3 times higher than growing rice.” – Mr. Thao confirmed.

The farmer 9X calculated mentally, if he planted a pole of Vetiver grass for rooting, after a year he could collect about 80kg of dried roots, the selling price is 200,000 VND/kg. Each pole minus all expenses, the income was tens of millions of dong. Not to mention, if selling grass seeds, the income is also very high.

Vetiver roots are processed by Mr. Thao into raw materials for the production of incense sticks, selling 20,000 boxes a year to the market (Photo: TB).

Currently, Mr. Thao is planting about 2.5 hectares of Vetiver grass locally. Which, 1.5 ha of which he contracted to people in the commune to do, the rest was about 1 ha of family production.

In order to increase his income, Mr. Thao has researched and produced his own exclusive incense from this strange grass. Up to now, after 4 years, his family’s flamingo fragrance has a brand name and is sold all over the country.

Products with clean, unique aromas from the grassroots produced by Mr. Thao’s facility are chosen by many customers. By selling incense, his family earns about 30 million VND (1200 USD) per month (Photo: TB).

The flamingo flavor product that 9X guy in Ninh Binh is producing is clean, does not contain harmful chemicals, and is safe for users, so it is well received and supported by many customers.

Every year, Mr. Thao’s family sells about 20,000 boxes of incense to the market, deducting all expenses and making a profit of about 30 million VND/per month. Currently, his family’s production facility is creating jobs for 5-7 local workers with an income of 150-300 thousand VND (12$)/person/day.

Mr. Thao intends to develop more models from Vetiver plants, using grass leaves as raw materials for handicraft production and expanding the market with incense products to export to foreign countries.

Photo: Internet (vinlove.net)

Đăng bởi: Hải Vũ

Từ khoá: Growing strange grass, harvesting from leaves to roots, earning tens of millions of dong a month

Moon Season In August, Go Find The Traditional Moon Cake Taste Of Hanoi

Every Mid-Autumn Festival, the streets of Hanoi are bustling with bakeries and cakes with a variety of designs and types. Every year, people create a new type of cake with a new type of filling, listening to the ears and complexity, the decoration is also extremely sophisticated and eye-catching, but the traditional line of moon cakes with white pumpkin jam filling greasy, fat melon seeds, sweet fat dotted with a little cool lemon leaves… still have an irreplaceable place in the hearts of Hanoi people.

Moon season in August, looking for Hanoi’s traditional mooncakes – Photo 3

Modern life introduces many culinary styles, mooncakes are therefore also transformed into many versions, some are made from jelly jelly; There are varieties of Taiwanese pineapple cakes, some are clearly “adapted” from Japanese Namagashi cakes…

But no matter how many new and different flavors modern mooncakes have, the taste of traditional Hanoi mooncakes still has a strong place in the hearts of foodies, because simply, Autumn is the season of memories, and everything related to the old story, the old people make people nostalgic and nostalgic to find it.

Moon season in August, go to find the traditional moon cake taste of Hanoi – Photo 2

In Hanoi, there are many shops selling heirloom mooncakes, keeping the traditional flavor, but the most famous are only “four pillars”: Bao Phuong in Thuy Khue, Ba Dan cake – Hang Be, Phuong Soat cake – Hang Mat and cake Ninh Huong – Hang Dieu. These bakeries are all located on small streets, bearing the rustic and simple look of the old town “traders” who have been established for a long time.

Every August moon season, no matter how busy people are, passing these bakeries, they must be startled to remember: “Oh, the full moon is coming!” because of the long line of people waiting to buy cakes, or because the attractive and greasy aroma of freshly baked cakes keeps on blowing in the wind.

Moon season in August, looking for Hanoi’s traditional mooncakes – Photo 1

Like many other Hanoi specialties, the traditional moon cake is also an “addictive” culinary taste, so every appointment, the flow of people, even though “dragons and snakes go up to the clouds” waiting to buy cakes, but everyone is happy. patiently, and then rejoice when holding the cake box in hand to leave. Perhaps the pleasure of enjoying delicious cakes also partly stems from the excitement and waiting when buying cakes.

All of them make cakes according to the manual method and faithful to the traditional taste, but each famous moon cake shop in Hanoi has a different heirloom secret to make a difference. Like Bao Phuong cake, it has a well-baked crust to create a special aroma; and Ba Dan cake makes the brand by harmony, not too sweet, not too fat; Phuong Soat cake, in addition to its delicious taste, also has a beautiful shape, including Vong Nguyet carp cakes, pig cakes…; while Ninh Huong cake is impressed by the lotus seed cake line with the smoothness in the filling and the ethereal and gentle fragrance of the lotus being preserved…

Đăng bởi: Hiền Hoàng

Từ khoá: Moon season in August, go find the traditional moon cake taste of Hanoi

As A Token Of Là Gì Có Nghĩa Là Gì?

FAQ: Câu hỏi thường gặp về “as a token of là gì có nghĩa là gì?”

Cách định nghĩa “as a token of” trong tiếng Anh

“As a token of” là một cụm từ tiếng Anh được sử dụng để chỉ một hành động hoặc vật phẩm được dùng như một biểu tượng, một dấu hiệu hay một quà tặng để thể hiện sự cảm kích, sự tôn trọng, hoặc sự chân thành. Khi sử dụng “as a token of”, người nói đang muốn truyền đạt một thông điệp đặc biệt qua hành động hay vật phẩm đó.

Ý nghĩa và cách sử dụng của “as a token of”

Cụm từ “as a token of” thường được sử dụng để diễn đạt ý nghĩa của việc tặng quà, biểu hiện sự ghi nhận, sự chúc mừng, hay sự cảm kích. Nó có thể được sử dụng trong nhiều ngữ cảnh khác nhau, từ các mối quan hệ cá nhân cho đến môi trường công việc hay các sự kiện đặc biệt.

Ví dụ về cách sử dụng “as a token of” trong câu

(Tôi mua bó hoa này như một biểu hiện của sự đánh giá cao về công việc chăm chỉ của bạn.)

(Như một dấu hiệu của tình bạn, tôi muốn mời bạn đi ăn tối tại nhà hàng yêu thích của tôi.)

(Anh ấy tặng cho tôi một món quà nhỏ như một dấu hiệu của sự xin lỗi vì đã đến muộn.)

Ý nghĩa của “as a token of” trong tiếng Anh

Cụm từ “as a token of” có ý nghĩa chủ yếu là truyền đạt sự cảm kích, sự tôn trọng, sự ghi nhận, hoặc sự chân thành thông qua một hành động hoặc vật phẩm. Nó thể hiện sự quan tâm và ý thức về tình cảm, tạo ra một liên kết đặc biệt giữa người tặng và người nhận.

Cách sử dụng “as a token of” trong câu

Để sử dụng “as a token of” trong câu, chúng ta có thể thực hiện theo cấu trúc sau:

“as a token of + danh từ (hoặc đại từ) + ý nghĩa cần truyền đạt”

Ví dụ:

(Tôi đã tặng cô ấy một chiếc vòng đeo tay như một biểu hiện của tình yêu của tôi.)

(Anh ấy được thăng chức như một dấu hiệu của công việc chăm chỉ và sự cống hiến.)

(Họ tặng cho tôi một chứng chỉ như một biểu hiện của sự đánh giá cao về đóng góp của tôi.)

Ví dụ về “as a token of” trong các tình huống thực tế

Ví dụ về việc sử dụng “as a token of” trong các mối quan hệ cá nhân:

Trong các mối quan hệ cá nhân, “as a token of” có thể được sử dụng để diễn đạt sự cảm kích, tôn trọng, hay sự quan tâm đến người khác. Ví dụ:

(Như một biểu hiện của tình bạn, tôi muốn mời bạn đến tiệc sinh nhật của tôi.)

(Cô ấy viết một lá thư tay như một biểu hiện của sự biết ơn về tình bạn của chúng ta.)

Ví dụ về việc sử dụng “as a token of” trong môi trường công việc:

Trong môi trường công việc, “as a token of” có thể được sử dụng để diễn đạt sự ghi nhận, sự đánh giá cao về thành tích, hoặc sự cảm kích đối với nhân viên. Ví dụ:

(Công ty đã trao cho anh ta một khoản tiền thưởng như một biểu hiện của sự đánh giá cao về công việc chăm chỉ của anh ta.)

(Quản lý trao cho cô ấy một tấm bằng như một biểu hiện về thành tích xuất sắc của cô ấy.)

Ví dụ về việc sử dụng “as a token of” trong các sự kiện đặc biệt:

Trong các sự kiện đặc biệt như lễ kỷ niệm, lễ cưới, hay các dịp đặc biệt khác, “as a token of” có thể được sử dụng để diễn đạt sự chúc mừng, sự ghi nhận, hoặc sự cảm kích. Ví dụ:

(Họ trao đổi nhẫn như một biểu hiện của tình yêu và sự cam kết trong lễ cưới.)

(Tổ chức trao cho cô ấy một giải thưởng như một biểu hiện của sự công nhận về thành tích của cô ấy.)

Những từ đồng nghĩa với “as a token of” trong tiếng Anh

“as a gesture of”

“as a symbol of”

“as an expression of”

“as a demonstration of”

“as a mark of”

Kết luận

“As a token of” là một cụm từ tiếng Anh mang ý nghĩa đặc biệt, được sử dụng để diễn đạt sự cảm kích, sự tôn trọng, hay sự ghi nhận thông qua hành động hay vật phẩm. Khi sử dụng cụm từ này, người nói muốn truyền đạt một thông điệp đặc biệt và tạo ra một liên kết đặc biệt giữa người tặng và người nhận.

Hãy nhớ rằng việc hiểu và sử dụng đúng “as a token of” trong giao tiếp tiếng Anh là rất quan trọng. Điều này giúp chúng ta xây dựng mối quan hệ, tạo dựng lòng tin và thể hiện sự tôn trọng đến người khác.

Nào Tốt Nhất là trang review đánh giá sản phẩm dịch vụ tốt nhất.

Có hàng triệu khách hàng Tiềm Năng đang xem bài viết này

Bạn muốn có muốn đưa sản phẩm/dịch vụ thương hiệu của mình lên website của chúng tôi

Liên Hệ Ngay!

The Boy Who Bred Hundreds Of Millions Of Cats

“This is one of the two most beautiful cats I’ve seen at this year’s shows. The head structure is so standard that it’s very rare to see in breed cats,” said Mr. Kaai du Plessis, member of the World Cat Federation WCF, Judge of the international cat contest in Vietnam 2023 ( WCF International Cat show in Vietnam) .

Three other judges of the contest, which closed on April 17, also judged Neymar to meet the standards of the Persian cat with a beautiful face, big round eyes, forehead, nose, and chin on top in a straight line…

Neymar overcame 150 domestic and international competitors such as Thailand, Philippines, Russia, China… to be honored as “The most beautiful cat”.

Nguyen Hoang Bach, 31 years old, owner of Neymar shared: “Neymar’s victory gives me hope that the future of cat breeding in Vietnam can keep up with countries like Thailand or some European countries. “. He revealed, that to create this cat, he started with his grandmother, more than 5 years ago.

Nguyen Hoang Bach (who holds the trophy) and his friend, a 10-month-old cat, Neymar, weighing 4 kg, were honored as “The most beautiful cat” at the WCF International Cat show 2023, on April 17. Photo: VCA

Hoang Bach is the leader of the construction engineering team at an interior design company in Hanoi. In 2023, he started raising cats just for fun, but the more he delved into it, the more Bach fell in love with the beauty of the Persian (long-haired Persian cat) and Exotic (short-haired Persian cat).

In order to create beautiful Persian cats , Bach regularly studies images of cats with high titles of international cat associations, and breed standards. In 2023, Bach combined two imported cats to breed Ashe, a cat with many of his father’s features, big round eyes, pretty face, even though his nose is not “Persian standard”.

A year later, he combined Ashe with Ultima, a male cat with a very beautiful face and body, imported from a famous German cat farm, to create Moon, converging all the beauty of the previous two lives. “When Moon was born, I was very surprised because it had a very beautiful round head,” Bach said. However, the point Bach did not like in Moon was that the eye color was not green enough for the Silver color line (silver seal).

To improve this point, the following year he combined two cats with emerald green eyes. The result was Flynix with large round eyes, deep blue color, and very thick golden fur.

In 2023, Bach combined Moon and Flynix to give birth to Neymar. The cat converges the most beautiful features in both parents, from eye color to face, nose, and body shape. “If the process of creating Moon is a stroke of luck, the creation of Neymar is in the clear plan,” Bach said.

(From left) Father cat Moon, mother cat Flynix and Neymar. Photo: Character provided

After more than six years of pursuing his passion, Hoang Bach admitted that he had to trade a lot in both money and time. When he first started, he had to save up to 60% of his monthly salary and borrowed 100 million VND to import from Germany a cat he liked for a long time.

In order to bring this cat home, Bach had to find a lot of new carriers to have a place to receive it and had to book two flights from Germany to Russia and then back to Vietnam. “I have to deal with transportation risks, while there is no guarantee of fertility. But because I like it, I still do it,” Bach shared. Recently, he also spent 250 million VND to buy a cat named Bhakti Armoniosa from Italy.

Bach’s work is inherently busy, so he sacrifices all hobbies, including relationships, to spend time with cats. He never dared to go out for more than two days, and during Tet, he rarely returned to his hometown. Every day Bach spends two hours cleaning the whole house; cleaning the eyes and noses of children with tears; removing tangles… Every Sunday, he spends almost all day bathing them.

The most difficult is the process of taking care of the cats from birth to a few months old. Because they are flat-faced, their nose structure is prone to breathing problems. Many children could not breastfeed by themselves, every night Bach had to get up to give them milk and go to the toilet several times. Every time a cat gives birth, Bach is stressed because of a prolonged lack of sleep.

He is saddest when his “children” get sick and die. “A lot of times I want to stop because I’m tired but I can’t bear to waste years of effort. Currently, I only breed two to three litters a year to have time for work, myself, as well as taking care of myself. take care of them the best,” Bach confided.

Vu Dai Thong, 28 years old, a co-owner of the cat farm with Bach, shared that he still remembers the time when the female cat Flynix was sick, Bach had to come home every day at noon, and wake up once every two hours at night. Persevering for a long time, it finally recovered. “Every time I think about it, I still admire him for his love and devotion to each cat,” Thong said.

Hoang Bach with his cat Neymar at his camp in Dong Da district, Hanoi, on May 20. Photo: Dai Thong

Through dozens of breeding times over the years, the two most beautiful cats that make Hoang Bach’s name are Moon and Neymar. In 2023, Moon won the most beautiful kitten award at the National Cat Show , for the first time held in Vietnam.

To prepare for this year’s WCF International Cat Show , three months ago Hoang Bach and Dai Thong paid more attention to the diet and hair care of the three cats that will compete, including two crossbreeds, Neymar and Starlight, with the newly imported cat Bhakti Armoniosa. In the last round, Neymar overcame the cat that had just been bought for VND 250 million, to win the highest throne. In the coming time, Neymar will continue to participate in regional competitions.

For Nguyen Hoang Bach, breeding is the act of breeding and re-selecting good traits through generations, so that the next life can be more beautiful than the previous one, not giving birth a lot to sell. “I don’t care about coat color, a factor that most breeders in Vietnam pursue, because any color is beautiful, as long as it meets the standards,” he shared.

This breeder also appreciates the cat’s personality, which is to be alert, affectionate, and friendly, but still maintains arrogance, not to see everyone following.

“Currently, even Neymar has not achieved all the characteristics that I want, so I will still pursue the path of breeding, even if it is a decade, maybe a few decades from now,” the guy said.

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